Below is an extensive list of Web sites related to finance and accounting. These sites have been specifically chosen for their relevance to nonfinancial managers. Click on each link to be taken directly to that Web site.

Please note that we do not specifically endorse any products offered at any of these sites. Also note that, unfortunately, many Web sites disappear over time. We apologize if any of the links below are no longer functioning.

1. General Accounting Portals

Portals are Web sites that primarily provide links to other sites. The following are two of the best sites for accounting and finance links.
This portal provides links to FASB, AAA, IMA, and many other useful accounting-related Web sites.
Rutgers University is rapidly building an unsurpassed accounting Web site infrastructure, with links to numerous accounting sources and resources.

2. Business Newspapers and Magazines

A number of business newspapers and magazines provide a variety of useful information on financial issues. Articles are often relevant for both business and personal finance. Although subscriptions are required for some services, the sites below all provide extensive information for free. This is the home page for the Wall Street Journal.
This is the home page for the Financial Times, the leading international financial daily newspaper.
This is the home page for Fortune magazine.
This is the home page for BusinessWeek magazine. It is one of the most popular sources for domestic and international business news.
This is the home page for Barron’s weekly business newspaper.
This is the home page for Money magazine. It is of primary interest for personal finances.
This is the home page for Smartmoney magazine. It is of primary interest for personal finances.
This is the home site for Kiplinger’s, a widely read source for personal finances and economic forecasts.

3. Accounting and Finance Associations

Although the primary purpose of a trade association is to serve its members, many finance and accounting associations have a wealth of useful information for nonmembers as well.

Listed below are some of the most important sites.
This site provides a directory of tax and accounting Web sites from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), the primary national association of CPAs.

This is the home site for the Institute of Management Accountants, a professional organization devoted exclusively to management accounting and financial management.

This is the home site for the American Accounting Association, the primary association of accountants in academics.
This is the home site for the American Finance Association, the primary association of finance academics.
This is the home site for the Association of Finance Professionals.

4. Tax Basics

The sites in this section provide tax information for personal and business taxes.
This is the home page for the Internal Revenue Service. The site provides a wealth of useful information on all issues related to U.S. federal income taxes.
This Albany Law School site provides a nice summary of the Internal Revenue Code, tax treaties, Internal Revenue Service materials, court reports, and a “how to” guide for using basic tax publications.
A source of up-to-date information on taxes, as well as a number of other useful tax links.
This is the home page for U.S.News & World Report. It often contains articles on taxation geared to a nonfinancial audience.
This CNBC site often contains articles on taxation geared to a nonfinancial audience.
At this site, the accounting firm of Deloitte & Touche provides a lay discussion of the Alternative Minimum Tax.
At this site, BusinessWeek On-Line often provides articles on taxes for small businesses.

5. Business Plans

A number of sites provide assistance in writing a business plan, as well as other information
related to starting a new business. Some good sites are:
The government’s Small Business Administration site provides a wealth of information on starting a business and developing a business plan.
The Center for Business Planning provides resources to help in creating a business or managing a business.
Jian is business plan software and template tool. The company is owned by long time business professional Burke Franklin.
OUT OF YOUR MIND…AND INTO THE MARKETPLACE is a publisher focusing on business plan books and software.
Business Planning Software—sophisticated package of business plan tools.
This site contains an on-line book on how to write a business plan, a simple first look at business planning. provides a wealth of information for starting a business and developing a business plan. Sample plans, books, articles, and software are available through this site.
The motto of is that it is a Web site by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Chock full of articles, features, tools, templates, and other information for business plans and new businesses.

6. Raising Venture Capital

Raising venture capital is a difficult challenge for most new businesses. Listed below are the Web sites for a few venture capital organizations. We suggest that you also use a search engine and simply search for “venture capital” to identify additional organizations that are located in your geographic area. Also note that some venture capitalists will give you a better deal than others. It pays to shop around. Also, please understand that “raising funds” even privately is highly regulated by the Security and Exchange Commission and it can be a risky endeavor where neophytes can commit criminal acts without being aware of it. Before raising any money for your venture we suggest you consult with a security attorney. CEO Space International also offers one of the best money raising courses available. Find out more at
This is the home page for The Venture Capital Institute, a trade association for venture capitalists. Although not aimed at the general public, it does provide valuable information for someone starting out on the search for financing.
This Web site features the Venture Capital Resource Directory, a broad listing of venture capital firms.
Aabaar Capital provides purchase order financing. For a company with purchase orders in hand, this can provide the money needed to acquire the resources to fill the order.
AVI Management Partners is a family of venture capital partnerships specializing in seed and early-stage investments in high-technology companies.
Alpine Technology Ventures is a Silicon Valley–based venture capital firm investing and working with early stage information technology companies.
Brentwood Venture Capital has been an investor in Internet/e-commerce, communications and data networking, information technology, and health care.

7. Budgeting

A number of vendors provide software and other assistance to help in the budget process. A few examples are:
Comshare provides free on-line seminars in addition to their budgeting, consolidation, reporting, and business intelligence software applications.
SRC Software provides budgeting software for enterprisewide and Web-based budgeting and reporting.
EPS Software provides budgeting, planning, forecasting, and management reporting software.

8. Time Value of Money

Time value of money is one of the most difficult aspects of financial management, but it is critical to financial decision making. If you want to explore this topic beyond the coverage in Finance and Accounting for Nonfinancial Managers, 3rd Edition, you might read the materials available at some of the following sites: provides simple explanations of concepts: time value of money, present value, future value, annuities, bond valuation, internal rate of return, and more.
This site from Marquette University focuses on a mathematical presentation of time value of money concepts.
A brief on-line course in time value of money concepts.
A graphical lesson in time value of money from Ohio State University.


Discussion of working capital management may be found at the following sites:
This portal provides links to many sites providing information and assistance with working capital management.
Self-paced on-line course on working capital management.
Graphic course in working capital management.

10. Inventory Management

There are numerous Web sites offering inventory management services. A few examples are listed below:
Web site of the Society for Inventory Management Benchmarking Analysis.
Accurate-ID is a provider of inventory management software.
Effective Inventory Management provides articles, courses, and software for inventory management.

11. Ratio Analysis
VentureLine provides extensive discussions of ratio analysis at this site. Industry ratio analysis reports may be generated on-line.
A self-paced on-line course on ratio analysis.

12. Personal Finance
Access to information on Social Security and Medicare benefits.,,,

Some examples of the excellent sites available for tracking your stocks, getting research about specific stocks, and reading the latest business news.
The Motley Fool exists to educate, amuse, and enrich the individual investor; to prove to you that the best person to manage your money is you. Many features to teach both novice and experienced investor.
Information on bankruptcy planning, mortgages and loans, interest rates, auto loans, home loans, insurance, credit and debt management, retirement planning, on-line investing, stock research & quotes, banking, estate planning, and tax planning. and
Two of the nation’s mutual fund powerhouses, each offering a broad range of no-load funds. Vanguard is known for a focus on index funds and low investment management fees. Both also offer discounted brokerage services.

Discussion of many legal aspects of personal finance issues, such as credit cards, bounced checks, lemon laws, and more.

13. Training in finance and accounting for nonfinancial managers

A number of books, in-person, and on-line seminars are available for those nonfinancial managers who want to study finance and accounting further.
Financial Accounting Institute. Offers finance and accounting seminars with CPE and CLE credit for both financial and nonfinancial professionals in the public utility (electric, gas, water, and telephone) industry.
Financial management training programs from The Richardson Company. Training media include financial management books and audio tapes. Basic and intermediate courses on Finance and Accounting for Nonfinancial Managers. Courses on troubleshooting, business planning, cash flow, and more.
Financial management training programs offered by the Carlson School at the University of Minnesota. Courses include Reading and Interpreting Financial Statements, Finance and Accounting for Nonfinancial Managers, and Financial Literacy for Administrative Staff.
Microsoft Excel training and certification provided by Specialized Solutions, Inc. Course includes 3 interactive CD-ROMs.
BizNiz provides software training in Excel, Database, Oracle, Microsoft, DBA, Access, Word, PowerPoint, and other programs. Provides manual with study guide, audiocassette, exercises, and technical support.
Offers multimedia interactive tutorials for MS Excel.

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