Tumiza Strategy Consulting, LLC is striving to be one of the nation’s largest and fastest growing consulting firm in the small & medium size business (SMB) niche. The business was officially started in 2003 after consulting partners decided to join their efforts to standardize their practices.

We Provide our clients with the best experience possible
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Here’s what you can get from us:

-Newly designed Consulting Pricing Method adapted to your cashflow situation
-New Packaged Services to match your desires and to help reach your objectives at your own pace…Now, you have options!

This entire website is entirely re-designed to:

-Help you decide if you really need a consultant.
-Educate you on how to solve your own business issues; Without a Consultant.
-Helo you Choose the Ideal Consultant for YOU- but only if you need one.

(9 Tips to Choose your Consultant)

-Show you how to work with a consultant in a way that his/her services are continuously paid for by the results generated from his/her efforts… and more.
-We follow a very systematic approach to consulting. We call the system B.O.S.S. Click here to read more about it.

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