Systematization Really Works

Letter from Marco J. Robert, Co-Founder of Tumiza

First of all, thank you for reading this essay. When I write I always try to put myself in the place of the reader. In this case it’s easy. I used to be you. I used to own a business like yours and I was always scouring the magazines and publications for more and more business information. So I feel that me and you have kindred spirits.

I’m not a professional writer. When I write, I write to create a feeling. I want my readers to react. I don’t want to offend you, but I do want to rattle your cage a little because I think that at times, we all need to get shaken up a little to take us out of our comfort zone. This comfort zone impedes on our development and growth. In turns it affects our lives, our relationships, and our businesses. If, as I think you are like me, you won’t mind a bit of affront as long as I keep it civil.

You see, I don’t want to give you more information. The world is filled with information. I think what we need it either something that you can apply right now, or something that will make you act differently.

My Entrepreneurial Story

Before becoming a business consultant, I used to own a couple restaurants with my wife. The successes we experienced and the obvious lack of understanding amongst Small & Medium size business owners really fueled my desire to become a consultant. I now teach and implement the principles that are highlighted below to my clients in all industries.

My story started at the age of 12 when my parents made me “manager” of their newest restaurant. When I say manager, I really mean the person in charge of scheduling the wait staff, making sure the fridges are well-stocked with soft drinks, buying and inventorying magazines, and counting the money and making bank deposits. But for a 12 year-old, that was an amazing experience. From that summer on, I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to be a businessman!

After college I managed businesses for other entrepreneurs. But I soon came to realize that most entrepreneurs are working very hard for very little money. They are over stressed, miss out on their family’s life, are un-healthy and hardly ever take a vacation. That’s NOT what I envisioned. That’s NOT what I wanted to become. It was quite a shock. To say the least the real world gave me another perspective on my dreams. There I was, in my early 20’s not being sure of what I wanted to do anymore. However, I continued pushing, learning and managing businesses for other people. After a few years I became quite successful at it.

Later, at 27 I had the opportunity to start my own restaurant. A nightclub owner was not making money with his business, so we partnered with him. Since he wasn’t using the place during the day, we decided to start a restaurant inside his nightclub. I took out my life savings and risked almost all of it to achieve my goal of become my own boss. My wife and I started this new restaurant without borrowing anything. We had to be successful! There was no second chance! So, during the day, the nightclub was ours. At night we were selling food and our partner was selling liquor, beer and wine. It was good match.

From the get go I made a commitment that my business wouldn’t take over my life. I always believed in systems, methods and processes. So, I decided to create and implement as many processes in the restaurant as I could. Every time I was doing something I asked myself if there was a way to systematize this operation and delegate it.

Our restaurant was open all day from early in the morning until “early the next morning”. For the first 4-5 months my wife and I were really working hard. We spent every waking minute working. In the meantime, I was creating systems. As the sales increased we hired a head chef and a general manager. Then we trained them in the use of all our systems. They were responsible for running all aspects of the business. From hiring to firing, opening to closing, purchasing to cooking and serving, marketing to selling; every operation in the business was systematized. We also had reporting systems in place to ensure that we always kept our finger on the pulse of the business.

After about 4-5 months of working non-stop we found ourselves in a great place – we didn’t have to work anymore. All business operations were systematized, and somebody else was in charge of them. Our job consisted in meeting with the managers and bookkeeper once or twice a week. That was about it.

Then an opportunity came along; a nearby restaurant became for sale. We had the money and we had the time, so we jumped on the opportunity. Again, for about 3-4 months we worked really hard. We installed similar systems, reached profitability, trained the managerial personnel and voila!

Altogether, after about 9-10 from the first day we opened the first restaurant, we were the owners of two very profitable restaurants. And yet, we didn’t have to work. Our businesses were working for us. That’s a feat that few people have equaled.

For a while we continued to enjoy our lives as absentee-business owners. Later we sold the two businesses. The first one was bought by the brother of our partner. And the second one was purchased by two business partners. Let me ask you this: Do you think we sold our businesses at a discount or for a premium?

Systematize for a Better Retirement

Think about it for a second. Put 2 restaurants next to one another. Restaurant A is netting $150,000.00 per year, but the owner is slaving at the stove. He’s the head chef, in charge of purchasing, staff management, etc. Restaurant B is also netting $150,000.00 per year, but in this case all the operations are systematized and the owners spend about 10 hours per week managing their managers. Which of these two restaurants is worth more? If you guessed Restaurant B, you are right. Actually, depending in what market you are business B could be worth as much as 50% more than business A.

I always laugh when I hear business people tell me that they want to wait until they retire before they sell their business. What they don’t know, is that if they standardized their business operation now, they could probably sell their business today for about the same price they will get 10 or 20 years from now…if the business survives! Then they could turn around, repeat the process and retire with double the amount of money 5 years sooner than they originally anticipated.

If you are working for your business, you don’t have a business, you have a job. If you want a job, get a job, but if you want a business systematize! It makes no sense to invest a lot more time, a lot more energy and a lot more money…and get the same results a job could give you.

If you are not sure where to start your systematization process call me. Throughout the years I have created the best business systematization process. Actually, as far as I know, it’s not only the best one; it’s the only one out there. It’s a step-by-step process to streamlining your business and to regain your freedom. The system is called BOSS for Business Optimization Strategic Systems.

The BOSS system

Most business consultants are too technical. As you can imagine I meet business consultants constantly. For the most part they don’t know anything about running a business. They know just one or two specific things and that’s what they teach you. The BOSS system is completely different. It’s not about the technicalities of your business. I don’t care about those. I assume that if you started a plumbing company that’s because you know how to fix sinks and toilets. And if you started a trucking company you know how to “truck”. BOSS is not about that. I don’t want to make you a better plumber or trucker. I want to make you rich and free! BOSS is about managing your business in the most efficient way to ensure maximum profits, maximum growth and maximum freedom for the owner.

If you are the least inclined to making more money, you owe it to yourself, your life partner, your kids and your employees to check out the BOSS system. The only other option is “Trial & Error” and that can be very, very costly.

Why do you think most businesses fail? Because the business owners think they can solve all their problems themselves. Why do you think certain businesses succeed tremendously in the face of a dwindling economy, increased competition and against all odds? Because, some business owners understand the most important axiom of entrepreneurship: “Business is a team sport!” If you get the best players on your team you will win.

The first time entrepreneurs hear about the BOSS system, some think it’s too simple. They are right! It’s very simple! But it worked then, it works now, and it will always work! What else can I say?

The BOSS system is the culmination of over one hundred thousand dollars spent and thousands of hours expended to learn how to make Small & Medium size business successful. To create the BOSS system I read over 500 books. Listened to hundreds of hours of seminars on tapes and CD’s and physically attended countless seminars and workshops all over the USA and Canada. I read books after books about finance, communication, psychology, economics, philosophy and sociology. I couldn’t stop, I wanted to learn, and learn more. There were days when I read 2 or 3 books that same day. My wife thought I was crazy. Later I experimented with the system I read about in the real world. Then I tested out those systems using my own money. And now, for 14 years I’ve been teaching the BOSS system to my business clients and friends.

Now do you think a guy like me can teach you a little something about running your business more successfully? Let me just put it bluntly: If I can’t teach you something, nobody can.

In closing, I want to wish you the best possible success with your business. I hope one day our paths will cross on your road to business freedom,

Marco J. Robert, Co-Founder
Tumiza Strategy Consulting, LLC
201 Los Gatos-Saratoga Rd, #220
Los Gatos, CA 95030

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