Company Profile

Tumiza Strategy Consulting, LLC is striving to be one of the nation’s largest and fastest growing consulting firm in the small & medium size business (SMB) niche. The business was officially started in 2003 after consulting partners decided to join their efforts to standardize their practices. Originally operating in the Las Vegas area, the firm soon became well known in the San Francisco Bay Area for its implication with resturants and hotels – its entry target market portal. Click here to read our mission

Tumiza and its consultants operate under the guise of a consulting system aptly named B.O.S.S. — Business Operational Strategic System. The system consists in a replicable consulting framework used by the consultants to offer consistent quality to their clients. With its Efficiency and Growth services the firm ensures reliable and predictable results to clients after clients. See what our clients have said.

In 2009 and 2010 the firms intends to continue its fulgurate expansion by opening other divisions to improve its ability to service its clients all across the United States and Canada; namely expansions are planned for New York, Miami, Vancouver and Toronto.

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