“We owe it to ourselves, our loved ones, our generation and to mankind to do whatever is possible to utilize our resources and to maximize their impact on the world of today and tomorrow.”

Tumiza is driven by a philosophy. We believe in it’s the responsibility of each individual and organization to create and produce a maximum output with its given input. In simpler words, the magnitude of the effect produced by an individual or organization is directly related to the size and level of utilization of its cause.

Our philosophy is summed up in our consulting framework – BOSS.

To ensure that our clients can produce a maximum output from their input, we have adapted some of the best Fortune 500 better business practices into our consulting framework – BOSS.

When we first explain our philosophy and the BOSS framework to our clients, most of them being small and medium size businesses and enterprises (SMB/SME), they feel like kids on Christmas morning! They feel like, for the first time, someone gave them an easy way to manage their business effectively.

Our framework, systems, and processes are disruptive and unorthodox. We don’t apologize for our methods – we celebrate them. Sometimes we refer to them as guerilla tactics. That’s because business is war. Beware of those who don’t see it that way. They never succeed in their endeavors.

We adhere to the core belief that without cash, businesses can’t survive. Therefore we incite our clients to adopt the mindset of Competitive Sustainability. First and foremost, Competitive Sustainability is fixated on creating sustainable profits while understanding the reality of competitive markets and the need to maintain a positive focus on quality, service and value for both customers and employees.

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