BOSS: The Business Consulting Framework

BOSS is a 3 dimensional framework developed by Tumiza Strategy Consulting. The four-letter acronym stands for Business Optimization Strategic Systems. Before BOSS, the world of small and medium size management consulting lacked a thorough systematic approach for ensuring the success of consulting projects. Over the years, Marco Robert, one of the founders of Tumiza, undertook to develop an approach based on practices used large corporations that could be easily understood and implemented by owner-operated small businesses.

The 3 dimensions of BOSS encompass the 3 most important spheres of knowledge needed to profitably operate and grow a small cap business (SMB/SME). Those spheres are:

  1. The Profit Divisions:
    • Business Organization
    • Business Operation
    • Customer Service
    • Sales & Marketing
  2. The Sequential Strategy
    • Master
    • Divide
    • Conquer
    • Rule
  3. The Project Management Chain
    • Strategies
    • Tactics
    • Processes
    • Performance Indicators
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