Over the years Tumiza’s has coached or consulted with business owners all over the United States (30+ States), Canada, Europe, Africa, Australia, Caribbean’s Islands, and Central America.

Some of our clients are well known either in their industry or for their social involvement. But most are simple, hard working entrepreneurs who strive to create a better life for themselves and their family. Some of them operate under the umbrella of franchises or licenses but others have created their own brand in their own marketplace. Some of the entrepreneurs we have been involved with have visions of grandeur and want to grow globally while others are happy to run their family business locally and make a good living while doing so.

Even though our clients come in all creeds, religions, races and ethnic background they all one thing in common; they have all realized that without the assistance of an expert business coach or management consultant they lack the knowledge, influence, expertise and ability to grow their business to the level they want. They all share in their desire to grow and to create a better life for their loved ones.

Whether your business is growing, stagnant or declining, if you believe you deserve more, give the team at Tumiza a chance to show you how you can improve your employees’ performance, reduce waste, streamline operations, increase the satisfaction of your customers and get a bigger bang for each sales & marketing dollar you invest in your business.

Results vary with the type of project and with the client’s ability to implement solutions. But most of our clients expect returns in the magnitude of 2 to 5 times their investment in our services.

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