I am very satisfied with your consulting service. You are very well organized. With the new business presenttion you created for us and with the advice you gave me, I amd now confident to attract the investors we need to take our business to the next level. I am a smart business owner, but I was not able to figure out my next move until you showed up, and you did it so effortlessly. You are a very smary businessman; I mean it.

100 Mile House, British Columbia

Service Provider - Internet

Dear Tuzmia, Frankly, wehn you started to work with us I was suspect. I’m sorry if I appeared somewhat uninterested. But, in all the years I’ve worked in the hotel business I never thought someone could come and tell me how to do my job better. But, you rapidly showed me how you are all for improving customer satisfaction and that resonated well with me. The hotel owner in me has always been a fervent enthusiast of providing the highest possible level of customer care, but I never realized how I could really profit from it. Your simple approach of departmentalizing our business into two distinct divisions really opened up my eyes. In the 30+ days that we have worked with you our sales have already increased by 10% from last year. In the next 12 months we anticipate adding $250,000 to our bottom line and that will be directly because of our involvement with your firm. Thank you so much.

T. Liddle, Co-Owner/General Manager, Salt Lake City


The internet has Web 2.0 – Our business has the BOSS system!

L. Winkle, Owner, Silicon Valley, CA

Business Start -Up

The Tumiza consultant we worked with is an organized, intelligent professional that takes a seemingly complicated problem and puts workable strategies together. He brings his years of experience to bear for his clients

R. Maddex - San Jose CA


Our restaurant was producing sales but had been seeing a minimal return in the profit. Tumiza Strategy Consulting came in, assessed the restaurant from top to bottom and formulated a game plan to produce profit that is directly related to our currents sales and projected sales for the future. They were thorough and professional in every aspect. We are very satisfied with their work and highly recommend them to any organization.

B. Aitona - San Francisco CA


The consultant has provided us with a management approach, system and financial tracking program that will ensure our growth and margins to profit for years to come. These systems and procedures include break even, short interval, budgeting and cash management. He provided us his insight on how to manage a business from an objective perspective.

G. Smith - Bay Area CA


The Tumiza consultant helped all the staff members to gain a better idea of what is required of them under the new system and helped implement many of the changes that were necessary. Tumiza really helped their implication is simply immeasurable and the end results have exceeded my expectation.

M. Piedora - San Francisco CA


My business associate and I hadn’t talked in months. With your assistance we negotiated a compromise and we are both happy with the end results. I’m 100% satisfied with your service, and Cameron says he’s 70% satisfied with the final results. (For Cameron that’s a record of satisfaction! Haha!) That’s more thatn we could have anticipated after only 3 days of your time. Your involvement has saved our veterinary clinic. I could never thank you enough!

Dr. Roberts, Alberta, Canada


I really wish I was better with words to sincerely express my deepest gratitude. Before we worked with you we wanted to sell our music store and music school. It wasn’t easy to let go, but with your help now we understand that with better delegation and organization not only do we want to keep the business, we’re loving every minute of it. Not only are our sales people more productive, but we now have the total buy in of our managers. Over the course of the last 6 weeks you have saved us over $100,000 – that’s money you added to our bottom line. Thanks you. We would be happy to recommend your services.

Jan & Case, Alberta, Canada

Retailer/Music School

Your company is great to work with. To be honest you cannot beat the service or the people that I have dealt with. Your consultant is a real “businesss doctor”! Mark my words, Tumiza’s management consulting system will be the next killer-ap in the Silicon Valley.

Daniel Ramirez, CTO

IT Start-Up

Your company is great to work with. To be honest you cannot beat the service or the people that I have dealt with. Your consultant is a real “businesss doctor”! Mark my words, Tumiza’s management consulting system will be the next killer-ap in the Silicon Valley.

Daniel Ramirez, CTO

IT Start-Up

When the Tumiza consultant came it was like a tornado. Our entire business has been revamped in the process – I have never made so much money. We have been with him for 3 months now, and so long as I have a word to say he’s staying. It would be my pleasure to recommend them to any other restaurant owner. One bit of advice: Get ready for the ride of your life!

B. Chavez - San Jose CA


The consultants knowledge was beyond compare and most importantly, their willingness to address any issue or concern I had was imperative. I am a much more informed and confident business owner as a direct result of their honest desire to make my company more successful. Tumiza Strategy Consulting cared about me and my business.

S.J. - Bay Area CA

Grocery Store

What can I say? Tumiza’s Consultant happened to be just what I needed! He gently pushed me in a direction that allowed me to see the business as a whole which resulted in intelligent decisions frome me and a more positive attitude for my employees. Now I am really a B.O.S.S.

C. Newman - Las Vegas NV


I can say that our consultant helped me greatly in my business by feeding me with a constant flow of information, data, and knowledge. He also always ensured that his consulting service fee was covered by the increased profit of the business. It is without hesitation that I recommend his services to any business owner.

G.A. Velasquez - Antigua Guatemala

Restaurant & Bar

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