Dear Tuzmia,
Frankly, wehn you started to work with us I was suspect. I’m sorry if I appeared somewhat uninterested. But, in all the years I’ve worked in the hotel business I
never thought someone could come and tell me how to do my job better. But, you rapidly showed me how you are all for improving customer satisfaction and that
resonated well with me. The hotel owner in me has always been a fervent enthusiast of providing the highest possible level of customer care, but I never realized
how I could really profit from it. Your simple approach of departmentalizing our business into two distinct divisions really opened up my eyes. In the 30+ days that
we have worked with you our sales have already increased by 10% from last year. In the next 12 months we anticipate adding $250,000 to our bottom line and that will
be directly because of our involvement with your firm.
Thank you so much.

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