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Thank you for your interest in a management consulting career with Tumiza Strategy Consulting!

The work of a management consultant is both noble and rewarding. It is noble because the ultimate goal of Tumiza is to bring positive impact to corporations, private equity funds, and NGOs through advisory services. These organizations often face challenges that they are unable to solve themselves due to lack of resources, lack of competence, or simply because they need an external perspective.

On the other hand, working as a management consultant is also highly rewarding. Aside from being paid very well, the job offers intellectual challenge, a high level of satisfaction, prestige, honor, and endless opportunities for learning. The learning curve will be steep. Though not everybody will make it to the executive level, a few years with our consulting firm is an excellent investment regardless of your plans.

The fundamental role of a management consultant focuses on providing strategic, substantial, and pragmatic advisory services to businesses and organizations. Consultants utilize their deep industry knowledge, valuable experience, and analytical skills to address their clients’ challenges.

Duties and Responsibilities

The main goal of a consultant is to produce positive change within an organization. In order to do this, consultants work on the assigned project for a period ranging from a couple of weeks to many months; the length depends on the complexity of the issue. Day-to-day duties include the following:

• Defining the problem through management consultations, team meetings, analysis, and other applicable strategies.
• Breaking the problem into small, manageable segments; identifying the factors that affect the problem; deciding how to approach the project and making/presenting recommendations.
• Conducting objective research on current market trends, the client’s competitors, product demands, best practices, and other related topics to support critical analysis.
• Checking and analyzing information, such as financial data, salary structure, expenditures, business flows, sales statistics, and other relevant data.

What Management Consultants Do?

Management consultants analyze business dilemmas and generate the most practical and effective solutions for their clients.
How to Land a Management Consulting Job
• Summarizing all gathered data and facts; deducing logical conclusions based on valid arguments.
• Attending regular meetings and reporting project progress to management.
• Brainstorming, finalizing, and presenting recommendations for solutions to the business dilemma.
• Developing strategic programs, communication plans, and other attainable change management approaches to implement desired transformations in the organization.

At all times, consultants must maintain and promote the image of their consulting firm through quality output, excellent social interaction with employees, punctuality, and overall professionalism.

Roles and Responsibilities

Partner/ Executive

• Builds the relationship with the client
• Expert in a particular domain
• Handles several projects at the same time

Project Manager or Engagement Manager

• Has intensive knowledge and experience of a particular domain
• Oversees the everyday duties of the other team members
• Facilitates regular meetings
• Coaches and counsels the other team members
• Works full-time on the project and/or handles several projects at the same time

Management Consultants, Business Coach or Senior Consultants

• Has gained substantial experience in a specific industry or functional skill
• Responsible for most client leadership and communication
• Works full-time on the project

Junior Consultants, Associates, Analysts or Interns

• Rather new to the management consulting industry
• Provides support to the consultants and team manager through data collection, analysis, and making presentations
• Works full-time or part-time on the project

Schedule and Travels

We work long hours—anywhere between 50 and 80 hours is normal. The complexity of the duties demands a great deal of time, and we struggle with the never-ending issue of maintaining a work-life balance.

Exceeding the nine-to-five corporate schedule, consultants work overtime for their deliverables. When you get home (and it might be late), you have to allot another hour or two for checking and responding to emails in order to lessen your work load the following day.

Many management consultants work in the client’s offices to obtain firsthand information, get a feel for the company’s culture, and convey their motivation and sincerity through their actions. You may also have to work off-site Monday-Fridays. When the client is based in a different state or country, you may decide (or be asked) to stay in the client’s location for weeks in order to beat deadlines and avoid traveling back and forth.

We seek six important qualifications in candidates

Structured Thinking
The ability to think in a clear and organized way is useful for problem solving and analysis. Math skills also fall into this category and are often used to exemplify structured thinking skills. Being able to look at a situation, identify and analyze its problematic aspects, and propose solutions in a structured way is the key to doing this job.

Business Judgment
Have the capacity for good judgment of business and strategic issues. This is important for case solving, a key management consulting discipline. A good way of practicing this skill is reading business media and trying to understand the underlying issues behind different news.

Personal Impact
Our consulting firm is hired to create impact, and you need to demonstrate that you can impact other people. You need to be able to communicate well, persuade others, and make people act on your recommendations.

In consulting, there is a lot of teamwork, and you need to show that you can contribute to the team and lead your own work streams. This involves both your team and your client.

Drive and Motivation
Know what you like and go for it. People should be able to tell that you are motivated for a career filled with challenging assignments and long hours, and that you can maintain drive even when things get tough.

Written Communication
Your career in consulting is going to involve extensive amounts of writing, including presentations, documents, memos, and emails to partners and clients. You will be writing a lot, so you need to be able to do so efficiently and quickly. Your application is your first demonstration of this skill.

Your Background
Apart from your skills, we will also evaluate your background, particularly in the following areas:

The minimum educational requirement for a new management consultant is an undergraduate degree, preferably in management, business administration, economics, statistics, or another business-related field.

Graduates with alternative degrees can also apply, but they must exert more effort in networking, engaging in extra-curricular activities, and building consulting skills to prove their competency to potential employers.

Applicants with an MBA degree are at a slight advantage. These two-year post-graduate programs allow them to gain additional knowledge in business, both in theory and in practice. Further, MBA programs enhance business judgment, communication skills, and other applicable abilities.

Applicants who have no experience are usually employed as analysts or associates, the lowest echelon in our consulting firm. Those with consulting work experience are usually considered for higher positions. Career changers (e.g., lawyers or engineers who want to move into consulting) are also welcome to apply. Most firms consider career changers, as long as they can prove that they have achieved great results in their previous jobs and developed skills necessary for management consulting.
Entrepreneurs with an extensive background in operating successful businesses are also encouraged to apply. We value street-wise experience tremendously at our firm.


If what you read inspires you to send your application please send us a cover letter detailing the reasons why you feel you are a good fit for a consulting position along with a copy of your most recent resume.

Thank you.

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