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The process of consulting is the how of consultation. Our Management Consul...


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Here’s what you can get from us:

-Newly designed Consulting Pricing Method adapted to your cashflow situation

-New Packaged Services to match your desires and to help reach your objectives at your own pace…Now, you have options!

This entire website is entirely re-designed to:

-Help you decide if you really need a consultant.

-Educate you on how to solve your own business issues; Without a Consultant.

-Helo you Choose the Ideal Consultant for YOU- but only if you need one.

(9 Tips to Choose your Consultant)

-Show you how to work with a consultant in a way that his/her services are continuously paid for by the results generated from his/her efforts… and more.

-We follow a very systematic approach to consulting. We call the system B.O.S.S. Click here to read more about it.

About Us

Tumiza Strategy Consulting, LLC is striving to be one of the nation’s largest and fastest growing consulting firm in the small & medium size business (SMB) niche. The business was officially started in 2003 after consulting partners decided to join their efforts to standardize their practices. Tumiza Strategy Consulting, LLC is striving to be one […]

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I am very satisfied with your consulting service. You are very well organized. With the new business presenttion you created for us and with the advice you gave me, I amd now confident to attract the investors we need to take our business to the next level. I am a smart business owner, but I was not able to figure out my next move until you showed up, and you did it so effortlessly. You are a very smary businessman; I mean it.


Dear Tuzmia, Frankly, wehn you started to work with us I was suspect. I'm sorry if I appeared somewhat uninterested. But, in all the years I've worked in the hotel business I never thought someone could come and tell me how to do my job better. But, you rapidly showed me how you are all for improving customer satisfaction and that resonated well with me. The hotel owner in me has always been a fervent enthusiast of providing the highest possible level of customer care, but I never realized how I could really profit from it. Your simple approach of departmentalizing our business into two distinct divisions really opened up my eyes. In the 30+ days that we have worked with you our sales have already increased by 10% from last year. In the next 12 months we anticipate adding $250,000 to our bottom line and that will be directly because of our involvement with your firm. Thank you so much.


The internet has Web 2.0 - Our business has the BOSS system!


The Tumiza consultant we worked with is an organized, intelligent professional that takes a seemingly complicated problem and puts workable strategies together. He brings his years of experience to bear for his clients